Welcome to DenkWerkZeug


DenkWerkZeug (DWZ) is a single-user, desktop tool to manage networked knowledge. It combines concepts of a personal wiki, a database and ideas from mind-mapping and concept-mapping.

DenkWerkZeug was developed to

  • Help you to tame complexity and
  • Create complex mental models with ease.

With DenkWerkZeug you can

  • Collect a number of facts and connections – DenkWerkZeug helps you to connect the dots and see the bigger picture
  • Enter knowledge like you think – a new item here, a longer text there, a connection between two items, in any order you like
  • Explore your model from many perspectives
  • Stay flexible – create any kind of relation or item type as you want
  • do computer-assisted thinking with the help of a rule-base inference engine

Read also: Was ist DenkWerkZeug (Deutsch) | What is DenkWerkZeug (English)

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Create new relations types just by using them. Powerfull auto-completion.

You can attach a note to every item. Using wiki syntax is the fastest way to connect items.

All text, including the content of notes, is indexed.

Shows you all links using this relation

Fast auto-completion helps you to re-use your existing items, relation types and property names.

Every item is like a mini-database and contains key-value pairs.


We are currently in our private beta phase. The beta version is offered at no cost in exchange for statistical information. The software records how many items are created and which functions of the app are used. This data is sent to Google Analytics to help us improve the app. The wiki text content of items is not sent anywhere.

We plan to release a commercial version of DenkWerkZeug with even more features. We will offer discounts for students, teachers, and our beta users.

Privacy & Reliability

The software runs locally on your own Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Data is stored on your local hard drive only. The user interface runs in your browser, loading data from a mini web server built into DWZ, from your hard drive.

Each knowledge file is stored as single XML text file in the KGIF format (specification). This allows you to retrieve your data even if you stop using DenkWerkZeug. Do you wish for a particular export format from DenkWerkZeug to your other tool? Tell us


Download the latest beta version (1.6.3, released on 2015-11-11) of DenkWerkZeug:

DenkWerkZeug for Mac Mac App, 121 MB (includes an internal Java 7 Runtime)
DenkWerkZeug for Windows  Executable JAR, 51 MB. Requires Java 7 or 8, see How to Install
DenkWerkZeug for Linux  Executable JAR, 51 MB. Requires Java 7 or 8, see How to Install

Thanks for using DenkWerkZeug. Please tell us what worked for you and what you miss.


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You found a bug? Miss a feature

Send me an email to max.voelkel@calpano.com.

Current Status

The most up-to-date feed on urgent questions and emerging bugs

Release Notes / Version History

  • V 1.6.3, released on 2015-11-11
    Small visual bug fix.
    = File
      = Versions: CSS was showing white on white, fixed.      
  • V 1.6.2, released on 2015-11-10
    Computer Assisted Thinking robust. Wiki text and auto-links better.
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Wiki Syntax: 
      + MathJAX config now same as on mathoverflow.net
      ~ Fix: Auto-Linking. This causes also less calls to Computer Assisted Thinking
        (only noticeable on large models)
      + Added auto-link updating when creating or renaming items.
        E.g. you create page "Hello" and instantly have links from all 18 pages 
        containing the word 'Hello' to the new page.
        Note this might create sometimes too many links, e.g. link "Hello World" to "Hello"
        even if there is also a "Hello World" page.  
    = File
      = Export: Fixed export file naming -- Thanks for reporting, Konrad V. 
      = Versions: List now ca. 3-4 times as fast
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Computer Assisted Thinking (CAT)
      ~ Refactored: now simpler, faster, uses ca. 30% less memory, robust.
    = Internal
      ~ Index management improved       
  • V 1.6.1, released on 2015-10-12
    Minor service release.
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot easily see):
    = File
      ~ Minor overall speed-ups
      = Import: Better handling of old KGIF formats
    = Minor bug fix related to auto-links
  • V 1.6.0, released on 2015-10-11
    Better graph. MathJAX. Naming. Computer Assisted Thinking robust.
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = All Items: Now sorted alphabetically, ignoring casing.
    = Visual Graph:
      + Showing dotted lines into the void to show where the graph continues.But never show more than 9, to avoid dramatic slow-down.
      + Better choice of node patterns used for automatic captions  
    = Wiki Syntax:
      + For the Mathematician in you: MathJAX is now enabled. All content between two dollars is type-set as a formula.
        Try "$$f(x)=x^2$$" in the note of an item.
    = Overall: 
      = DWZ uses less memory.    
      = Finished naming concept: Multiple items can have the same name. A disambiguation page appears.
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot easily see):
    = File
      = Open: Fix sorting "Unanamed-9" before "Unnamed-20"
    = Visual Graph: Pre-processing completely re-written.
    = Computer Assisted Thinking
      = Rewritten and simplified. Now correct, but slower. Will become faster than before -- in a later release.
      - Bugfix: CDS axiom (hasRelated, isSubTypeOf, type_symmetricRelation) => (typeRelation, isSubTypeOf, type_symmetricRelation)
    = Other
      + Handle items without content better (They can appear when importing other formats)
      + Internal index handling rewritten
  • V 1.5.7, released on 2015-08-20
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = File 
      = Versions: Show changes by default grouped in days (was minutes before, resulting in a loooong list)
      = Import > RDF: Blank nodes are now rendered as "_" in the graph instead of showing their ugly labels
    = AutoComplete: Improved search order of results
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot easily see):
    + Improved testability of code base
    + Improved consistent usage of entity metadata time stamps (created and last modified dates)
    + When sorting strings, sort casing now as "Aaa, aaa, Bbb, bbb" was "Aaa Bbb aaa bbb" before.
    + Lock files: Better detection if lock was created by same user on same machine, even if config file got deleted in between
    + Improved implementation and consistent usage of Ids
    + Bugfix for text queries with more than one term (used in AutoCompletion and FullTextSearch)
  • V 1.5.6, released on 2015-08-13
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = All Items: Rank items by all links (was just incoming)
    = OmniBar: 
      = Fixed button enabling when text is pasted via mouse -- Thanks Matthias M. for noticing and reporting!
      = Search: Scoring now includes duplicate elimination; using best scored match only
    = Visual Graph:
      - Stopped graph re-layout on every window focus/refocus -- Thanks Uwe M. for reporting
      + Auto-widen caption if links have long labels -- Thanks Uwe M. for reporting (It's still not as cool as Uwe want's it, we know)
      + Don't show 2nd level or deeper nodes if only linked via auto-links
      = Show less nodes by default
    = File 
      = Import 
        = Starts now just after selecting import file, one mouse click saved -- Thanks Uwe M. for caring for the details
        = RDF import works again (internal issue with file type detection fixed)
      = Export: Fixed -- Thanks Nathan B. for reporting    
    = Item Rendering
      - Stop using different font sizes to distinguish items with no text, a lot of text, no links, many links, etc.
      + Use icons everywhere to display the above flags  
    = Semantic Panel:
      = AutoComplete: 
        = Fix small bug for auto-focusing object field when an existing relation was chosen  
        = Fix when searching for "AaaBbb" now also finds "Aaabbb" and "aaabbb" as results
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot easily see):
    = File 
      = Import: 
        = More detailed logging
        = Fix issues with auto-detect encoding -- thanks Uwe M. for the sample file
      = Progress display: Fixed display of HTML tags in file progress messages  
    = Starting: 
      = Fixed booting on Fedora Linux 22, open browser (Fedora 20 worked). Thanks Felix W. for reporting with a log file!
      = Always show used ports on console at startup
    = AutoLinking: 
      - Stop auto linking to self
      + Detect, find and link to file://-URLs - but they won't open on most browsers for security reasons
    = Logging
      - Less logging in some places
      + Can set global log level as command line option now  
    = Inference
      + Experimenting with delaying re-inference for trading speed for precision on large item sets (> 5k items)  
  • V 1.5.5, released on 2015-07-31
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Wiki Syntax:
      = External link handling changed: Now by default, URLs and email addresses don't create items. They do, when put in 
        square braces. This change makes opening many external links much quicker.
      = CamelCase: Reduced strings considered CamelCase. Now all CamelCase links must start with an uppercase character.
        They may contain numbers and underscore, but not too many of them. Note you can always use square braces to force a link.
      = Auto-Linking 
        - If a wiki name is UPPERCASE; auto link from text only if text is also UPPERCASE
        + Updated internal list of known top-level domain names from official IANA list. Now www.bla.foo becomes a link and 
          www.foo.bla does not. Yes, '.foo' is a top-level domain name now.
        = Fixed some bugs when not all multi-word links where found in all cases  
      = Bugfix for parsing quotes (would sometimes not display first character in rendered HTML)  
    = Properties: Fixed a bug where adding single-character values would not work 
    = Style: Line-break overly long URLs in all places
    = Import: Show expected file size during load ("Read x MB of y MB")
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Import: 
      = Write each progress step right to a log file (was at the end of the import only)
      = Report ALL errors during import to the user
    = Auto-Linking: 
      = Performance improvements
      = Bug fix: Auto-linking at import time is now complete and correct.
    = KGIF: Tolerate reading ill-formed files with no header-element.
  • V 1.5.4, released on 2015-07-20
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Bugfix for Windows (logfiles names did not work) -- Thanks Matthias M. for reporting
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Improved locking files so that working together via Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box etc... will work better
    = Improved error reporting for loading files
  • V 1.5.3, released on 2015-07-17
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Stats
      + Added "Types", all things X in (..., has type, X)
      + Fixed table layout for small browser windows -- Thanks Raphael M. 
    = Versions
      + Added date to new file name -- Thanks Raphael M.
    = All Items
      + Fixed number of tags to show
      + Explain ranking of tags -- Thanks Raphael M. for inquiring
    = Graph: Moved buttons to the top of graph -- Thanks Raphael M. for suggesting     
  • V 1.5.2, released on 2015-07-13
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Import works
    + Start and load much faster
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Files: 
      = Improved auto-detection of import file formats
      = Fixed import process
      + Auto-fix encoding (for some cases)
      + Auto-validate all imported data
      + Auto-repair invalid data (for some cases)
      + Auto-created version history for imported files (if items have change dates)
      - Moved temporary files to user home/.denkwerkzeug directory - public directory very clean now
      - Simplified project.properties (now only records import steps)
    = Start/Open files
      + Added caching of internal indexes  
      + Improved reporting while loading files
      = Fixed a bug for startup issues -- thanks Claudio K. for the log file
  • V 1.5.1, released on 2015-07-06
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Tag Cloud: 
      + Don't wrap multi-word item names (except URLs) -- Thanks Heiko H.
      = Renamed "Tag Cloud" to "All Items"
    = Versions: Improved UI
    = File open
      + Creates now a log file which details the import process (in ~/.denkwerkzeug/(knowledge file)/(date)-report.txt) 
      + Auto-detect file encoding of KGIF files, if validation fails -- Thanks Uwe M. for the sample file
    = Documentation
      + Homepage: Started developer section 
      + Guide: renamed "For Power Users" to "In Depth" -- Thanks Raphael M. for suggesting
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Fix KGIF 1.1.0 export of properties
    = Fix parse all wiki content on open/import
    = Improve search for items by name
    + Fixed Unicode support everywhere
      = Fix: Using UTF-8 encoding now in *all* places
      = URL-encoding used for all item-ids, Unicode should now work
      = Fix name-to-filename escaping
  • V 1.5.0, released on 2015-06-23
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Auto-Save with Versioning *** big change! *** 
      - Removed Save-Button
      + Added Versions-view to browse old versions, restore them
      + New storage format  
      + Added KGIF import/export 
    = Open/Import/Export: 
      + Show progress during operation
      + Automatically re-open last used file at start-up
      + More meta-data for opening knowledge files (size, creation date, change date)
    = Menu re-design -- Thank Martin W. for suggesting
    = Auto-Links: Faster, and work for all cases now
    = Wiki-Syntax: 
      = Fix pre-blocks ('{{{' ...'}}}')
      = Create new items from '[this syntax]' exactly as typed
      - Stop linking to 1-2 digit links -- used as footnotes in text, which you might paste
      - Stop removing all line breaks
    = TagCloud
      = Moved larger tags behind smaller tags (z-index) to make smaller ones easier to click
    - Removed back links feature (was redundant with item-view)
    = Graph: Added border; Slightly force arrows to always point downwards
    = Homepage: Big download button
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    + New storage engine
      + Store full history 
      + Auto-save after every change
    + Properties are now first-order citizens
    + Migrated to KGIF 1.0.1
    = CDS: added two axioms about relation
    = Change URL structure
    = Bug-Fixes: Camel-Case handling; Improved Unicode handling; 
    = Many more bug-fixes and peformance improvements
  • V 1.4.1, released on 2015-03-01
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Improved welcome screen (Help & Guide)
    + Graph: Improved UI for controlling node number and large/small graph 
      -- Thanks Olaf G. for suggesting  
    + Semantic panel: Handle more than 50 targets via a "More..." link
    + Working with files: 
      + Display detailed progress while file is processed
      + Added import function for KGIF files. You can now merge knowledge files.
      + Nicer import UI
    = Cosmetics: 
      = Break overly long item names (in title)
      = Nicer time display in metadata - Thanks Olaf G. for reporting 
      = Switched "Create New" and "Open" in left menu
    + For Semantic Web users:
      + Added built-in RDF(S) 1.1 and OWL 2 ontologies.
      + Added "RDF Export URI" metadata for fine control over RDF export.
      + Improved auto-generated labels for RDF-import
    + Legal:
      + Added cookie warning banner, according to European Union law
      + Added more third party libraries to the list in "About"
    = Fix: Navigate to tag cloud after deleting an item
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = Fix: Less warnings in error file - Thanks Jörg S. for reporting
    = Fix: 'The BROWSE action is not supported on the current platform!' - thanks Jörg S.
      We display a message on the console to our Linux users now.
    = Fix: Accept importing the exact same statement again
    = Fix: Tag cloud now also shows tags that are used only once in "Show all tags"
    = More small bug-fixes.
  • V 1.4.0, released on 2015-02-23
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + New features: 
      + File > Import - can import from Resource Description Format (RDF)
        Recognize RDF/XML and N-Triples format;
      + File > Export - can export to RDF 
        and re-exports exactly the same triples (if no changes were done)
    = Tag Cloud: 
      + Split into 3 clouds for: items, relations and properties
      + Added Zoom In (only most important tags) / Zoom Out (more tags) buttons
    = Overall: 
      + Larger default font
      = Changed HTML title to start with a cute hexagon
    = Guide: Improved content & style
    = URLs: 
      + Now rendered in a pretty way, e.g. try Wikipedia URLs.
      + Auto-replace "mailto:" prefix with a little envelope
    = Left menu:
      + Cleaned up; Always show active section;
      - Removed "Home" button, use tag cloud instead
    = Files: 
      = UI: simplified, start with no model knowledge file, user creates or opens one first; 
      + Show path on disk where knowledge files are stored
      + Open: Works much faster now
      = Show correct last changed date
      - Save: No longer auto-open a file called "My"
      - Open/Save: Don't show file list after successful save/open again
      = Improved: List sorted case-insensitive now
    - Omnibar: Disable if no knowledge file is active
    + Graph: Added controls to control node number
    + Semantic panel: Added input fields to relation usage
    + Triple query: Improved UI; Take item names instead of ids;
    + Table query: Improved UI
    + Shutdown: Improved UI 
    = Site get.denkwerkzeug.com: 
      + Always highlight active section; auto-highlight from scroll position;
      = Fixed figure shown twice; 
      = Updated screenshots to show current version
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    = KGIF:
      + RDF > Read and re-export namespace-prefixes
      + Auto-create nodes for all used URIs; 
        Remember which nodes are blank nodes (even remember blank node labels); 
    + Improved content-type handling for node labels and node content
  • V 1.3.1, released on 2015-02-06
    On stage (what you can notice):
    = Fix: Center node is back to large font
    + Tag cloud: New "show orphans" feature -- Thanks Jörn W. for suggesting
    + Hosting web font "Roboto" locally -- less page load delays when running offline
    + Graph: Style: Links slightly thicker
    + HTML: Added a little dot in HTML title, so you find your DWZ tabs faster in browser navigation
    + Autocompletion: auto-disambiguate results of auto-completion with internal id if content is the same string
    + Bugfix: read auto-repaired file only if newer than source file
    + Graph: append title elements with ID as content so you can distinguish nodes with the same string
    + Semantic panel: Added pop-up for all item-links which show the internal ID
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    + KGIF refactoring
    + Created (not yet released) KGIF-RDF Import
    = Bugfix for still unreleased SPARQL query feature -- now handled empty items, too
    + Experimental: Added an URI-index to internal model
    + Added namespaces to internal model (better import/export with RDF and XML)
  • V 1.3.0, released on 2015-02-03
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Graph: Automatic generic graph pattern detection and automatic caption creation
      Caption always at fixed position, top-left, sorted;
    + Graph: Improved readability of link labels
    + Graph: Improved node drag & drop in graph
    - Graph: Stop moving quickly (less distracting)
    + Graph: Open links from large graph with another large graph
    + Graph: Prettier labels (shorten, URL icons)
    = Graph: Worked on graph color palette
    + Graph: Resize graph on window resize
    + Graph: Added background picture
    + Graph: Auto-reverse some links for more visual harmony; Prefer links with shorter labels
    = Search: Fix full-text search  
    = Search: Fix quick search: If only one result, go directly there. If an item with exact
      name exists, still do a full-text search (would otherwise not be possible)
    = Search: Fix: Re-add "create item" from search
    = File: Very fast "new knowledge file"
    + Semantic panel: Minimized number of clicks for using autocompletion
    = Minor: Improvement in wording on screen
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    + Colors: Improved tools for working with color spaces (RGB,HSV,HSL)
    + KGIF: Improved KGIF validation
    + KGIF: Always use KGIF validation when reading KGIF files
    + KGIF: When a KGIF node has no label, use its id
    + KGIF: Improve conversion from old text-file based format to KGIF
    + KGIF: Auto-delete built-in content of older DWZ versions
      (tag cloud now contains only the CDS relations)
    = Search: Fix searching for queries with space at start or end  
    + Internal: Fire attribute events correctly
    - JSON: Simplified internal JSON handling
  • V 1.2.1, released on 2015-01-22
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Visual graph styling improved
    = Fix: wiki editing
    = Fix: Graph now includes more links (between nodes with depth=max)
  • V 1.2.0, released on 2015-01-21
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Feature: Visual graph rewritten.
    + Link labels are displayed. Automatic selection which link types to display between items.
    + Collapsing of "same-as" items into single graph nodes.
    + Automatic graph captions: Frequently used types are marked by color instead of links. Automatic 
      removal of non-colored orphaned nodes.
    = Fix: Auto-completion for relations and properties now includes all items, but sorts those already 
      used as relation/property names first.
    = Fix: Right panel: Word-break for related items
    + Right panel: Automatic display of "type" relation, even if empty  
    = Improved mapping of names to IDs in wiki text parsing and full-text index   
    = Improved shutdown
    = Improved KGIF handling
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    - Removed an internal API layer
    + Improvements in JSON handling      
  • V 1.1.4, released on 2015-01-08
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Feature: If search has a single result, navigate there directly
    = Fix: Search: Disable search button while query is empty
    = Fix: Right panel: Disable form submit, when no new target was entered 
    = Fix: Right panel: Property delete icon now stays in same line
    = Fix: Right panel: Improved table column layout
    - Style: Removed '?' and 'leaf' indicators
  • Version 1.1.3, released on 2015-01-06
    On stage (what you can notice):
    + Introducing a new storage format, KGIF, the knowledge graph interchange format.
      This will allow to import/export more formats easily. All DWZ content is natively
      stored in KGIF, an XML-based format. 
      Specification documented as it evolves at 
      Link to GitHub project for KGIF is also there.
    - Stopped saving content as "one text file per item"  
    + Improved rendering related items in right-side semantics panel. Redundancy removed!
    - Hide properties from graph view
    + Delete items. Some items are built-in and cannot be deleted, so this feature is safe to use. 
    + Create items without clicking "search" first  
    + Edit and delete properties in table query
    + Table query always sorts entries by content (in each cell)
    = Editing property values now remains on active view (was always navigating to item before)
    = Fix: Show delete statement link only for statements that can be deleted
      TODO wiki-link statements still have the link but cannot be deleted
    = Bug fixes on tag cloud feature
    = Fix menu layout for displaying long knowledge file names
    = Fix don't URL-encode property values. You see now "foo bar" instead of "foo+bar" in property values.
    = Improved styling of item-edit-field
    = Changed the way names are processed - now indexing more parts 
      => improved search for items that contain punctuation characters in their name
    = Fix deleting a property also deletes the property-value-item 
    = Fix CDS semantics: set transitive relation to correct relations;
      Added an inference rule for dealing with inverse-subType-inverse structures
    - No longer add item ids to full-text index. Ids are too technical.
    Behind the scenes (what you cannot see):
    + Added experimental ability for SPARQL queries (in debug mode)
      TODO Fix 3rd party license list before public release
    = Fix horrible bug inside build process related to ManifestResource transformer of Maven shade plugin
    = Improved working with HTML tables
  • Version 1.1.2, released also on 2014-12-19
    On stage:
    + Simplified entering statements. No relation needs to be specified, "is related to", the most
      basic relation, is used as a default. TODO: Change relation type in a statement.
      Thanks for discussing this, Matthias M.
  • Version 1.1.1, released on 2014-12-19
    On stage:
    + New feature: Tag Cloud shows all items used more than the 'minimum frequency' times
      as a tag cloud with different colors and font sizes. Minimum frequence can be configured.
    + Boot screen animates in cheerful colors instead of just black. 
      Thanks Matthias M. for reporting!
    = Fix: Now handle Umlauts and other unicode in CamelCase links  
    = Fix: Delete properties works now. Thanks Steffen P. for reporting!
    = Fix: Property name auto-completion
    + Improved documentation  
    = Fix: Auto-completion always reflects model state
    + Nice sliding menu for edit item or navigate to URL item
    + About page shows all third-party libraries and licenses used
    + Improved display of items without wiki text (now look the same as those with text)
      Thanks for reporting, Matthias M!
    = Fix: No more flickering in relation/property editor
    = Prettier link-buttons
    = De-cluttered menu panel (left side)
    - Removed LeftMenu feature, for now.
    Behind the scenes:
    + Automated release process: Release website links automatically updated
    = Started work on "delete item" feature. Thanks Werner W. for reporting!
    = Improved StorageManger
    = Fix: Small js bug in graph layout; 0 js bugs on executing the application
    = Fix: Serving css for graph now with correct content/type
  • Version 1.1.0, released on 2014-12-09
    + Added some built-in items/content  (e.g., main item and left menu)
    + Added help on wiki syntax in edit mode
    + Added keyboard shortcuts to edit mode: 
        ctrl+enter is save (also cmd+enter on Mac)
        esc is cancel
        ctrl+e launches the edit mode
    = Fixed some small bugs
    - Removed some overly geeky unfinished menu items (shell)
    = Simplified layout
    + New theme
    - Removed text-file based storage format
    + New storage file format (items.xml) includes more meta-data
    = The way properties work has been rewriten
    + Added handling of binary content in data model
    + Migrated to a property-graph model (links are central objects, have metadata)
  • Version 1.0.1, released on 2014-09-23
    + Welcome screen (in the browser) 
    + Links to documentation
    + Improved build process to distribute new versions faster
    = Tested on Mac OS X 10.9.4 and Windows 7 SP1.
    Known bugs:
    ! Re-starting app fails sometimes (needs to kill running app from task manager sometimes)
    ! Starting app fails sometimes on Windows (deleting config file helps)
  • Version 1.0.0, released on 2014-09-20
    Initial beta release to a small group of hand-selected testers

For Developers

DenkWerkZeug can import from and export to KGIF 1.1.0, an XML-based file format ( Specification).


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